DPO Physical Card for Businesses

The fastest and most secure way to make payments across the world


The DPO Card is a 3DS-enabled prepaid settlement card for DPO merchants.


  • Prepaid business cards for all your business expenses
  • Supports up to 6 local and international currencies
  • Get settled to your card effortlessly
  • Effortlessly manage your per diems
  • 3DS-enabled to protect cardholder from online fraud

Load your Card

Effortlessly top up your card in the following channel.

  • Receive your settlements to DPO Card

Where to Use the DPO Card

  • Any point of sale worldwide

  • Shop Online across the globe

  • Use the card at a contactless POS

Manage Your Card

A self-care portal available to easily manage your card activities

  • Log In & Activate Card

  • Check Your Balance

  • View Spend History

  • Add more wallets

  • Block Card

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